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Fresh & Nutritious Vegetable . Chemical free !

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Our Happy Customers

Our customers have been enjoying fresh & nutritious vegetables grown in their Vegetable Terrace Garden that is maintained by us.

Fresh Vegetables

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Our Vegetable Options

Choose the various options of vegetables of your choice for your Vegetable Terrace Garden. You will be eating what you will be growing on your own.







Ladies Finger

Bitter Gourd

Ridge Gourd

Sweet Corn



~ Grow Your Own Vegetables ~

Why Vegetable Terrace Gardening?

Tasty, Fresh, Safe and Nutritious Vegetables grown by you that are Chemical Free!

Physically Active Lifestyle & Vitamin D from frequent exposure to Sun Light.

Environmental friendly by producing oxygen & saving land are required for farming

Happiness and Excitement of being attached to Nature with a touch of Soil.

Development of Brain and Knowledge for Children by being attached to Nature

Socializing with Neighbours by sharing grown vegetables grown in your garden

~ No Investment. Just Rentals. ~

Affordable Price & Easy Terms

Security Deposit
Installation &
Transportation Cost
Monthly Rent
With Maintenance
Monthly Rent in advance.
25th of every month for the succeeding month
3 Month Lock-in Period.
One month notice to
Removal & Transportation
cost of Rs. 5,000/- on
termination before 3 Yrs.
~ Know what you are getting ~

What does the Price Include?

10 Nos of Wooden Trays
with a size of 2' X 3' X
9" (L X W X D)

2 Nos of Wooden Trays
with a size of 1.5' X 3' X
1' (L X W X D)

One Creeper Net 5' X 10'
(L X W) along with 10
Liters Water Can

Organic Manure Mixture
with Drums to Store
Manure & Waste

Seeds and Saplings of
Customer Choices of

Weekly Maintenance
Visits including Seeds
and Materials

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